Clara Hartree Discusses Vancouver Residents’ Favorite Activities and What Homebuyers Should Do Before House Hunting

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clara hartree
What are some of the most common recreational activities residents of your region like to partake in? Are there any specific spots they like to frequent to enjoy such to-do’s?
Vancouver is the quintessential outdoor city! Tucked in between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains, there are plenty of opportunities. Ski at Grouse Mountain or Cypress (where some 2010 Olympic events were held), swim in dozens of sandy beaches, walk the Baden Powel trail or many others, sail to over 300 close by islands, and bike or take a walk in Stanley Park.
Name three things those looking to purchase a new home should do even before beginning their searches.
Buyers who are planning to borrow should first get pre qualified, so that they know how much they can afford. They should select neighborhoods based on their needs or preferences: (i.e. best schools, privacy, views, etcetera), then select a local broker who will be able to advise them.

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