Clara Hartee Discusses Popular Amenities and Home Renovation

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What’s the most popular amenity or property feature buyers look for in  a summer home? 


Vancouver is in itself a summer city. We have several sandy beaches, ski hills, parks, and public tennis courts and golf courses. We could do with higher temperatures, although our winters here on the West Coast are pretty mild. Those who have summer homes usually select the interior of BC on a lake, with temperatures in the 80’s and within a day’s drive, or one of the many neighboring islands accessible by ferry or private boat. Basically, comfort, water, warm weather and wifi!


If a seller was looking to renovate his or her home on a budget prior to selling, what are the top two areas in a house he or she should focus on improving? (Which two spaces—if fully renovated—could boost the seller’s asking price the most?)


I have trouble zeroing in on only two spaces. Kitchen and bathrooms are usually mentioned as the most important; however, if there is no street appeal, if the walls are not freshly painted, if the floors are in bad shape… there is no point. I always advise my clients to do everything or nothing. Either you want to appeal to the buyer who wants a move-in ready home, or the buyer who wants to renovate. Halfway, in the luxury market, doesn’t work.

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