Bring Hollywood Home: Must-See Media Rooms/Home Theaters

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Freeze frame this scene: You’re at home in your ultra deluxe media room. The Dom Pérignon is on ice. You’re awaiting friends to arrive and join you in a cinematic showdown of lights, camera and home-theater action. Nothing’s missing: sight, sound and palette are ready to take your edge-of-the-seat cinematic adventure to a higher level.

Your home theater should be the place where technology, design and comfort effortlessly collide to produce the movie experience of a lifetime: whether it’s popping the cork on the brut to watch Casablanca with your signifiant other; munching on gourmet popcorn to view Star Wars in 4D with the family; laughing at Grace and Frankie while enjoying friends’ night in. For you, the price of admission is always the same: having a high-end, high-tech media room that will outdo any other at-home cinematic experience.

And it’s not just about the seating, the screen or the movie. It’s about the collective effort to make your at-home movie experience an adventure beyond walls. And design and technology play significant roles in creating and enhancing this movie reality.

Does a 4D immersive film experience appeal to you? Plush seating that includes vibration, seat tilt and water/air spray? If so, to get your film party started, comfy up and view this selection of at-home theaters and well-designed media rooms that inspire cinematic luxury never before experienced. Until now.

American Beauty

Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Source: – Taylor Howes

This media room, designed by Andrew Wilford, creates an elegant ambiance where design and technology smoothly come together. From the bespoke cabinetry to the plush seating, this home theater calls forth the best of the best. All that’s missing is Oscar, Emmy and Tony at the table.

It’s A Wonderful Life

Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Source: – Massimo Listri

Designed by Achille Salvagni for a yacht, this media room invites those on board to lounge around and laugh at Overboard on the panoramic movie screen. You’ll sway, not from the sea, but from the sheer elegance of this luxe room that will surely keep you in exquisite luxury.

Some Like It Hot

Home Theaters

This state-of-the-art home theater was designed by Cantara Design, with interior design by Slayman Design Associates. The plush seating and mood lighting creates an ambience that allows you to reminisce on Hollywood days gone by. The audio system features 10 best 360-degree speakers, eight powered woofers and three mega screen speakers. Together, these premium surround sound systems bring those nostalgic good old days back to the present.

A Room With A View

Home Theaters

Source: courtesy of Genesis Audio & Video

Enjoy a night at the movies in this multifunctional media masterpiece that has unlimited access to the DVD, music server and lighting controls. It’s the VIP room with, of course, the bar just an arm’s-length away.

Back To The Future

Home Theaters and Media Rooms

This $6-million media room would leave the Six Million Dollar Man feeling weak. Weak in the knees, that is, and awe-struck by this futuristic space. Designed by Jeremy R. Kipnis of Kipnis Studios, this luxe theater features a 22-foot movie screen, a two-story balcony, orchestra section and custom sonic materials that make the room’s acoustics soundproof.

The Big Lebowski

Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Watch Gravity on the wall-size movie screen in this media room that transports design to a whole other dimension. The focal point is the ceiling that transforms any cinematic undertaking in this luxe media room into the most galactic of movie experiences.

Loving Vincent


Designed by Baumesiter Electronic Architects of Niles, Ill, the decor of this media room reflects that of an art gallery, curated with the most magnificent art pieces. It also includes a retractable 14-foot multimedia screen, drop-down plasma screens and a concealed gallery kitchen and guest quarters. This one-of-a-kind media room, in itself, is a life-size piece of artwork.

Lord Of The Rings


Designed by HomeTronics, Inc., this home theater is a sports paradise. It’s essentially a game room equipped with more than 20 plasma televisions, a bar, bathrooms, billiards and poker areas. Sports aficionados will have no problem living out their sports fantasies in this space. The media room also features the technology whereby individualized TV screens may be lowered from the ceiling, permitting each of the poker players to watch a separate sports game of their choosing. It’s Las Vegas brought home. To you.
Top Image: by March & White

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