Branca-Lisboa Unveils W.01 Shell Chair

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Branca-Lisboa, the new home products and accessories company from Portugal which features traditional Portuguese craftsmanship with modern, experimental esthetics , have unveiled their latest creation:  the W.01 Shell Lounge Chair.

Specializing in handmade objects crafted with digital production tools, Branca-Lisboa’s W.01 uses nature as a reference point for structure and visual quality.  Curved like a shell one might find on an undeveloped, wild beach, the chair seems to be supported naturally with a backbone and vertebrae, all curving to provide ergonomic comfort while being very easy on the eye.

The Shell Chair is exactly designed to be a large shell filled with pillows; the design is engineered so that the client may add or remove pillows as needed in order to achieve an individual maximum comfort level.  Branca-Lisboa include four all-natural cotton long pillows that the client may arrange as desired.

Designed by Marco Sousa Santos and constructed with natural-hued birch plywood, the hand-assembled Shell Lounge chair is certain to become a winning yet comfortable showpiece in any home.

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