Billy Blanco Designs Reveals the First Question they Ask a Client and Their Favorite Furniture and Decor Brands

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What is the first question you ask your clients even before you begin the design process, and why is it the most important one to ask?

What they envision their spaces to feel like, and what emotion they would like to feel when they walk into and are living in them. In this example “space” is defined as a room, a group of rooms, an outdoor area, or even the client’s entire home. The feeling or emotion the client desires is the most important aspect of the design process, this desire directs me to create a space suited for this specific purpose. With this core purpose in mind, I create a project that is aesthetically pleasing and proportioned, yet evokes the emotion the client desires.


In everyday life we don’t dress the same way if we are going to the spa or beach retreat as we do to a bar or nightclub. Spaces are an extension of clients’ emotions; tranquil or chaotic, cozy or stark; so you tell me: what do you want to feel like?


Are there any furniture or décor brands you tend to gravitate to the most when designing a space for a client (perhaps labels that well-represent your personal design aesthetic)? If so, which ones?

If one were to read the answer above, they would know the project is about the client, not about me (the designer). So, the answer is no, I am not caged into one specific brand or style. I believe in constant change and development; therefore, as my clients change, it is natural for me to change with them. I like to think of myself as a design chameleon wherein I create projects that are based on specific location, purpose of project, and obviously the client’s desires.

Within my personal aesthetic I tend to gravitate to designer pieces, both modern and contemporary. I am a big fan of Cassina, Knoll, and Herman Miller not only for their classic masterpieces, but for their new reinterpretations of classics and new trends in furnishings.

For bespoke contemporary furnishings, Holly Hunt has magnificent pieces from her own collection as well as handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces from several contemporary designers.

Other designers I love are Patricia Urquiola for Moroso and B&B Italia; Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen; and Philippe Starck for Sutherland & Dirade.


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