Award-Winning Designer Jamie Drake and Young Talent Caleb Anderson Form Drake/Anderson

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Multi-award-winning designer Jamie Drake, famous for developing a new luxurious modernism, as well as for designing Mayor Bloomberg’s and Madonna’s homes, recently partnered with Caleb Anderson, a much-watched young talent, to form a new firm Drake/Anderson.

Haute Residence: You have an exciting new partnership. Describe how your design sensibilities complement and contrast with each other’s work.

Jamie Drake: Combining my modernity and fearless approach to color with Caleb’s polished sensibility and skillful juxtaposition of historical periods. It’s invigorating to have another editor by my side.

HR: You’ve been described as the go-to designer for the billionaire set. What’s trending now for ultimate one-percenters?

JD: They request things that are unique and intriguing but insist upon comfort and function. The interest in commissioned pieces by great contemporary artisans has grown and grown.


Drake/Anderson’s bedroom, designed for 2016 Kips Bay Show House

HR: Is there an uptown versus downtown style?

JD/Caleb Anderson: No, not really. Stylistically, both parts of town demand a relaxed sense of luxe, with spaces that really function.

HR: Jamie, you are known for a vibrant use of color. What color palettes are you working with now?

JD: Muted, cooler, steelier grays: charcoal, silver, gypsum, platinum, and zinc, accented with ethereal aquas, blues, and lavenders.

HR: What are design rules you like to break?

JD/CA: I believe there are no color combinations that won’t work; it all depends on fine-tuning the shade, tone, and quantity.

HR: What is your favorite room to design?

JD/CA: Living rooms are our favorite, as we always envision them filled with people, ready for a party!


Drake/Anderson’s bedroom, designed for 2016 Kips Bay Show House

HR: What is the room in your home that you are happiest with?

JD: My bedroom. I find sleeping in a dark room to be sexy.

Portrait courtesy of Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson / interior images by Macro Ricca

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