An Amsterdam Office Made Out of Cardboard for ‘Nothing’

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Dutch advertising agency Nothing commissioned retro-futuristic Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk and design director Alrik Koudenburg to build them an express office space, on a very limited budget.

The result was nothing short of incredible, as within a white box apartment, the designers created a large volume Amsterdam office entirely from super-versatile cardboard.

Joost Van Bleiswijk Nothing Cardboard Office

Nothing Amsterdam office by designers Joost van Bleiswijk and Alrik Koudenburg. Even the stairs are made of cardboard.

The ingenious designers crafted an entire office space—complete with desks, tables, bookshelves, columns, stairs, and even rooms—with carefully cut and folded sheets of 15-millimeter honeycomb cardboard. While each piece is structurally stable, if for any reason one of the items gets damaged, it can be easily and inexpensively replaced.

Joost Van Bleiswijkk Nothing Cardboard Office

Tea is served at the Nothing Cardboard Office, on the cardboard conference table

The style of the office was modeled after van Bleiswijk’s “no glue, no screw” technique, in which the form follows function and only the most basic elements remain.  This concept is in perfect harmony with the Nothing agency’s  philosophy, Koudenburg says on his website, “Nothing is about the power of ideas, how a single idea can transform nothing into something. Using a cheap throw-away material to build a unique and memorial work space, seemed a good way to materialize this thought.”

Joost Van Bleiswijk Nothing Cardboard Office

A Comfortable U-shaped sofa with recycled patchwork cushions

Drawing inspiration from historic industrial design objects, van Bleiswijk’s design work is sustainable, versatile and timeless, not to mention brilliantly creative. He explains: “I find it interesting to work with construction methods to create techniques that work as dogma for my designs. I create contemporary versions of forgotten objects such as the grandfather clock, hourglass, chessboard and goblet. I draw inspiration from the past and study hundreds of years of product design to find archetypes and conclusions of shapes that lie in history. It’s not only the style of design I find very important but the object itself; I choose objects that tell a story.”

Joost Van Bleiswijk Nothing Cardboard Office

A meeting room with sliding doors for privacy

Joost Van Bleiswijk Nothing Cardboard Office

Inside the white box, everything is made out of cardboard

Joost Van Bleiswijk Nothing Cardboard Office

Fun, friendly drawings adorn the walls and columns

Joost Van Bleiswijk Nothing Cardboard Office

A cardboard sign featuring the Nothing logo greets at the studio’s entrance

Images and information courtesy of Inhabitat and Joost van Bleiswijk Design

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