6 Unique Wooden Furniture Pieces

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Haute Residence presents a roundup of unique wooden furniture pieces that will spark conversation around these artistic focal points.

#1: The Secretary

The Secretary, by Denmark-based designer Isabel Ahm, is a functional writing desk with a minimalist design. It has a raised shelf, perfect for displaying decor items or electronics.


#2: Tree Trunk and Molten Metal Chair

Tel-Aviv based designer Hilla Shamia designed this artistically-rich tree trunk with molten metal chair by inserting tree trunk planks into a mould and filling it with molten metal. The juxtaposition of the traditional wood with modern metal will make an impact in any space.


#3: CATable:

This whimsical wooden table, designed by Hong Kong-based Hao Ruan of LYCS Architecture, is created of holes and tunnels to provide a functional workspace, as well as a cat playground. The solid wood desk has a table top of openings and tunnels, for cats to explore while can owners work.


#4: Nemesis Table

Phase Design’s Nemesis table is a wooden coffee table with a marble inlay. Its custom wood construction is available in solid walnut, white ash, white oak or ebonized oak shell, with the option of a white carrara marble top.


#5:  Colorful Cover Sectional

Not all wooden furniture needs to be neutral. Shake up your decor with a hot pink sectional sofa, designed by Victor Carrasco and manufactured by Paola Lenti. This sectional piece has an adjustable backrest that can be adjusted with hand pressure. The piece includes terminal, central, corner and chaise lounge elements, and the wooden structure is made of bentwood, which can be ordered in a natural finish or dyed finish (as shown below).


#6: Dematerialise Stool

For a true conversation starter, the Dematerialise stool—designed by Berlin-based Studio Pasternak—is a three-legged stool made from moulds of raw cauliflowers.


The brass tips lend sophistication to the unique design. The wooden seat was created using a “digital-subtractive method,” which means it is cut using a computer numerically controlled cutting machine.

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