5 Fairytale-Inspired Homes Around the World

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If you’d like to check-out of real life and take a trip to fantasy land, tour these real fairytale homes around the world. Below are five whimsical homes, fit for humans and mythical creatures alike.

#1: Hobbit House

This rustic house is nestled low on a hillside in Wales. The house is constructed of items from its surroundings, including stone and mud as retaining walls, a frame made of the surrounding woodland, reclaimed wood for the flooring, skylights and solar panels for light, and more.

Hobbit House

#2: Vancouver Island

The Winckler Cottage is located on Canada’s Vancouver Island and looks like it belongs in a storybook. This woodland, fairytale home sits by the waters edge and was built with local Douglas Fir, cedar shingles and handmade cedar doors and windows.


#3: The Rustic Way

Based in Elk River, Minnesota, house-building firm The Rustic Way constructs whimsical structures that look like they should house fairies and hobbits. All buildings created by the company, including garden sheds, playhouses, guest cottages and saunas, are made from recycled reclaimed wood.

The Rustic Way

#4: The Spadena House

Located in Beverly Hills, California, this storybook cottage was built in 1921 and was once the site of a 1920’s silent film studio, known as The Spadena House. Also referred to as The Witch’s House, it earned its name from its sloping roof that looks like a sagging witch’s hat. The house has a dark shingled roof, a picket fence, and is landscaped with gnarled trees and shrubs.

The Spadena House

#5: Hobbiton Movie Set

The Hobbiton movie set is located in Matamata, New Zealand. The house was featured in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. The home is available to tour, which includes a drive through the 1,250 acre sheep farm, and a guide who shares details on how the set was created.


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